Buoyancy the film

"I loved your film so much, and everyone who sees it will feel the same. There's just so much heart and hope and love. There's so many wonderful layers to contemplate - your relationship with each other, her relationship to herself and to her writing, her husband and family. The film is so beautifully shot, too, and to know that you did it all solo. It's really a major achievement. I certainly hope you're basking in all kinds of glowy goodness. You deserve it."

~Marisa Helms, writer, journalist

"Bravo, Will, brava, Jeannie!   

Afterimages from Buoyancy continue to illumine."

~Mike Hazard, writer, photographer & video artist whose companion is a cancer survivor

"Will created a small masterpiece here." 

~Warren Park, composer, musician

Buoyancy the book

"Cancer is a scourge upon the modern human landscape. In this deeply personal memoir, Jeannie Piekos reflects with poetic beauty on the harsh realities of cancer treatment and the saving grace of human connection. Through her honesty and strength, she invites us into the fullness of life, no matter what the day may bring."

~Rev. Mary Bohman, Hospice Chaplain, Cancer Survivor

"I just got a deep drink from the Jeannie Piekos memoir, Buoyancy! Cancer is experienced as metaphor and as distressed flesh. Cancer is despair, a daily companion, and a relentless teacher full of the surprises of the unknown. At times, in retrospect, the cancer journal and journey can eventually be seen as a painful blessing. Jeannie’s writing, both the poetry and narrative, is an engaging read.  It is practical and mystical. It also possesses what proves to be a saving grace: Tthe struggle of the writer to write with no escape from being the engaged patient. Cancer happens to the individual and all who love the person so challenged to battle on three fronts: the disease itself, the blessings and curse of the medical system, and in the field of the writer who translates the lived experience into words for the world to read. Thank the Goddess, this woman bounced back up to the surface!"

~Louis Alemayehu, Educator, Organizer, Poet, Spiritual Elder

"So much love is in this memoir! Only a fine poet whose touch is light as a feather can levitate her readers with words the way Jeannie Piekos does with her cancer memoir, Buoyancy. This book and its author are beautiful and brave and strong and will make readers feel beautiful and brave and strong."

~Mike Hazard, writer, photographer & video artist whose companion is a cancer survivor